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Cure Ham 100% natural - part trimmed

Cure Ham 100% natural - part trimmed


Experience a taste that has been perfected over centuries and savor the rich history, unparalleled quality, and natural flavor of Spanish cured meats. Spanning back to ancient times, the Spanish have been dealing in quality meat since Roman times and over the centuries have become masters of an art that has developed in each of the 17 regions. The tradition of curing meats in Spain has been handed down through generations.


APANI® Spanish cured meats selection are meticulously crafted using the finest cuts of meat, expertly seasoned. The result is a product of unparalleled quality. The secret to the extraordinary taste of APANI® Spanish selection lies in the art of slow curing. Our meats are allowed to age naturally, in the fresh Spanish air, where they develop their full, robust flavors. The process is free from artificial additives or preservatives, allowing the authentic taste of the meat to shine through. Every bite is a journey through the rustic landscapes and flavors of Spain.


Our range of Spanish cured meats offers a wide array of flavors and textures to satisfy every taste bud. Whether enjoyed on its own, paired with APANI® cheese or APANI® wine, or incorporated into your favorite recipes, our selection provides endless culinary possibilities. Embark on a gastronomic journey through Spain’s rich history and natural flavors with our exquisite selection of Spanish cured meats. Each bite is a moment of pure indulgence, a taste of tradition, and a celebration of quality.

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